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Are you in foreclosure and need legal representation? The attorneys at Fine Law are dedicated to protecting the hardworking people of Long Island who are experiencing financial crises. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you keep your home. 

Foreclosure Attorneys in Babylon and Long Island

Stop the Harassment and Phone Calls. Save Your Home. Reclaim Your Life. Serving Babylon and Beyond.

Here at Fine Law Offices, our law firm has been helping Babylon and Long Island homeowners just like you to stay in their homes for 49 years.

We’ve arranged loan modifications for over 5000 homeowners in Long Island and surrounding areas of Nassau County. Many of our clients reach out to us because their lender denied any loan assistance whatsoever.

If you're facing a home foreclosure, our law firm can help — even if you think there's no way out. We understand how frightening it can be if you face losing your home. Our foreclosure defense attorneys know how to stop a foreclosure in ways you might not be aware of.

We know the aggressive and sometimes abusive practices some banks and mortgage lenders can employ. We also know Long Island foreclosure defense law in granular detail. You’re in safe hands with Fine Law Offices.

We won't let loan providers bully you. We offer mortgage help and foreclosure help.

We've been through every possible foreclosure scenario, so if there's a way to get your foreclosure stopped, we'll use it. Equally, if we don't think we can help, we’ll tell you openly.

If you suspect foul play from your bank or lender, call us now to discuss your options at (800) 939-3819. We offer a free consultation to all inquiries.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Over 100 Five-Star Reviews

  • Always available to answer questions, always made us feel at ease with the process.

    “Thank you so much for your help and patience with our account.”

    - Jacob A.
  • Fine Law Offices is a God send.

    “Our representative was very knowledgeable, no nonsense, and patient and has been there every step of the way.”

    - Julia C.
  • Excellent Law Firm and I feel that I am in good hands.

    “I would recommend to anyone needing an attorney for Financial, Bankruptcy, Tax issues.”

    - Steven C.
  • It's been a pleasure working with the foreclosure lawyers at Fine Law Offices.

    “I found them to be very professional, courteous and expeditious in their dealings with me.”

    - Josh B.
  • Quality work, thank you!

    “My friend referred me to this firm and they were able to modify my mortgage in 2 months.”

    - Nick B.

Proven Track Record

"I am a single mother and had a bad experience with another company who took my money and did nothing... Fine Law saved my home for me and my son." Carol L., Brooklyn

Like Carol, many of our clients come to us after a negative experience with other law firms.

You can count on Fine Law Offices to not let you down. We receive consistently high ratings for our foreclosure defense legal services in customer satisfaction surveys, and we are graded A+ on the Better Business Bureau website.

You can take a look at our testimonials to read happy stories of people who had their homes and other real estate saved thanks to our team of Babylon foreclosure experts here at Fine Law Offices. Other law firms may see you as a number, but not at Fine Law Offices. Your mission is our mission.

Get Your Foreclosure Canceled

If your mortgage bank is starting proceedings to repossess your home, a foreclosure defense lawyer can potentially get your foreclosure canceled. Our highly experienced, diligent foreclosure attorney will scour your mortgage documents.

If the lender has violated any federal or state laws, the lawyer can have proceedings canceled. Time is of the essence here.

Remember: Even if you don't think there isn't anything you can do about a foreclosure, a foreclosure defense attorney at Fine Law Offices might still help you find a possible line of defense.

Ideal Loan Modification Terms

If you're trying to get a loan modification yourself, chances are you're not having much luck. Also, you’re unlikely to get the best rate.

A foreclosure attorney at Fine Law Offices can take that pain away and get your Long Island home mortgage payments reduced, so you can get back on track.

Similarly, if you've been refused a loan modification and now see no way out, don't give up just yet. A foreclosure attorney can examine your circumstances and find other available options.

Call (800) 939-3819 to arrange a free consultation with an experienced attorney versed in foreclosure law based in here in Babylon. Protect your hard-earned real estate today.

Old Debts

Has an old mortgage debt come back from the dead to haunt you? Have you received a Notice of Debt about a previous mortgage debt that you thought was settled?

If more than 6 years have elapsed since your last payment, a lawyer can file a case against the mortgage lender and have the foreclosure summarily canceled. We know some predatory lenders can use deception, coercion, evasion, and aggression to exploit people in a vulnerable financial position. This is something we’ll fight hard to stop.

Hire a Foreclosure Attorney Near You

Why Should You Hire a Foreclosure Lawyer?

It'll save you from stress and anguish. You won't have any contact with your creditors, as they are required by law to speak to the foreclosure attorney.

We Won't Let Anyone Exploit You

We are dedicated to protecting hardworking people here on Babylon and Long Island from unscrupulous mortgage lenders, banks, and attorneys who exploit vulnerable people experiencing financial crises. We know exactly how to combat the underhanded tricks they employ, by fighting back legally.

Have a Higher Chance of Stopping the Foreclosure or Getting it Canceled Completely With an Attorney

A foreclosure attorney near you will know the most appropriate course of action you should take. Our law firm has an impressive success rate when it comes to stopping foreclosures, saving our clients millions, along with the heartache and homes saved as well.

A Foreclosure Attorney Can Help You Avoid a Deficiency Judgment

A Fine Law Offices foreclosure attorney can help you avoid owing any outstanding monies beyond a foreclosure.

You Can Continue Living in Your Home While We Fight Your Case

You can have peace of mind and a roof over your head while we handle everything for you. You can go about your life without worrying about the possibility of having to move.

Foreclosure Attorney Fees

We understand that a lack of funds led you to this situation, so you can pay your legal fees in 3 installments.

Let Us Fight Your Case

As one can see by our service offerings, we are dedicated to protecting homeowners in financial distress from foreclosure. There are many unscrupulous firms out there who try to exploit people in financial need. That's one reason why we offer a free consultation to allow you the opportunity to discuss your case without any obligation or pressure.

Trying to fight a foreclosure without proper legal assistance is risky. If you don't know the intricacies of the law, you could be missing vital information that could potentially get your foreclosure canceled.

We have a proven track record of saving people's homes from foreclosure. We have helped thousands of clients get their loan payments reduced and get back in shape with their mortgage payments.

A skilled foreclosure attorney from Fine Law Offices has the skill, compassion, and expertise to offer real help to homeowners in financial distress.

We want the best outcome for you, and we know precisely how to handle these lenders.

Even if you think you're out of options, it's worth speaking with a foreclosure attorney for legal advice. Our team will be able to examine your mortgage documents and form a game plan based on your circumstances.

Our foreclosure lawyers need to move quickly to get the ball rolling. Get the foreclosure help you need today.

Call us now at (800) 939-3819 to speak to a foreclosure attorney in Babylon and Long Island.

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Let Us Fight Your Case

Your Mission is Our Mission

Call us at 800-939-3819 to speak with an attorney and reclaim your life. Our consultations are free.

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