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When you have stopped making your mortgage payments, you will likely face foreclosure.

What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the legal process that a bank will use to force the sale of your property to recover the remaining loan balance. It is often a stressful event for homeowners as it usually follows an already existing financial problem that you have not been able to solve.

Financial hardship can occur in the wake of an unpredicted illness or injury leading to large medical bills, a divorce, job loss or major reduction in job hours or pay, the death of a spouse or other mortgage holder, the loss or downturn of a family business, or some other financial catastrophe.

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Are you in this situation of facing foreclosure in Babylon or anywhere within the Tri-State area? Are you worried about how this will affect your future and wondering what can be done? At Fine Law Offices, we understand how frightening it can be when faced with financial hardship that leads to an inability to afford your mortgage.

We know because our Long Island foreclosure defense attorneys have been helping homeowners facing this situation since 1977. Our decades of experience in defending clients like yourself against foreclosure can be used to help you.

Learn how our Babylon and Long Island foreclosure defense attorneys can help you. Contact us at (800) 939-3819 to arrange for a free, initial consultation to discuss your case.

Our Babylon Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Can Help

When you are struggling to make ends meet and are faced with an impending foreclosure, options are available that may help. Our dedicated legal staff will evaluate your situation to determine the best solution for you. In some cases, loan modification can get you back on track and out of danger of losing your home. In other cases, other defense or offense tactics may help.

Our firm has worked with both borrowers and lenders. Thus, our Babylon foreclosure attorneys know how to talk to banks to get them to work with you and possibly stop the foreclosure.

How to Stop a Foreclosure?

Probably the simplest way to stop a foreclosure is to go through a mortgage modification which is a revising of its terms to make it more affordable. This involves convincing your lender to renegotiate with you. Having an attorney who has a track record of success at this is obviously a big bonus when fighting to save your home. A knowledgeable lawyer can get the bank to settle on better terms than you can on your own.

Absent a mortgage modification, you may be able to use other various defensive or offensive strategies that can be brought against your lender. Foreclosure offense includes a broad range of actions that can be brought against your mortgage bank.

These strategies can include:

  • State, federal, or common law procedures were violated against you as the borrower by your mortgage bank; procedural requirements were not followed. These violations can impact the validity of the foreclosure process.
  • The lender trying to foreclose on your home lacks “standing” which means it does not have a legal right to foreclose. For example, it cannot prove it is the legal holder of your mortgage.
  • Your home loan was serviced incorrectly, such as mistakes made in crediting your payments, violating fee agreements per your contract, and more. These then can lead to a negation of the foreclosure against you.
  • The lender violated your rights as a servicemember on active duty who has financial protections under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Under this act, you are protected against civil actions while on active duty or preparing to go on active duty.
  • The lender engaged in using defective documentation, affidavits, or declarations.

We will analyze your loan documents and our experienced team of Babylon foreclosure defense lawyers will recommend a pro-active strategy. We won’t let your lender bully you. Many mortgage brokers, bank, and attorneys have broken the law and exploited unsuspecting clients. The Fine Law Offices fights to protect homeowners’ rights. Our experienced loss mitigation team helps homeowners decide on the best path to success. Let our seasoned team fight the battle for you.

We can help you with a variety of services:

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Why You Need Foreclosure Attorney

Save Your Home, Reclaim Your Life
  • Tiered Payment System

    We understand that a lack of funds led you to this situation so you can pay your legal fees in three installments.

  • Continue Living in Your Home While We Fight Your Case

    You can have peace of mind and a roof over your head while we handle everything for you. You can go about your life without worrying about the possibility of having to move house.

  • We Can Help You Avoid a Deficiency Judgment

    A Fine Law foreclosure attorney can help you to avoid owing any outstanding monies beyond a foreclosure.

  • You'll Have a Higher Chance of Stopping the Foreclosure

    Our foreclosure attorneys will know the most appropriate course of action you should take. We have an impressive success rate when it comes to stopping foreclosures, saving our clients $34 million cumulatively along with all the heartache saved along with their homes.

  • We Won't Let Anyone Exploit You

    We are dedicated to protecting hardworking people here on Long Island from unscrupulous mortgage lenders, banks, and attorneys who exploit vulnerable people experiencing financial crises. We know exactly how to combat the underhand tricks they employ by fighting back legally.

  • It'll Save You From Stress and Anguish

    You won't have any contact with your creditors as they are required by law to speak to the foreclosure attorney.

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