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Debt Settlement

Foreclosure is the process in which a bank forces the sale of property in order to recover the remaining balance of a loan when the homeowner stops making payments.

Are you facing foreclosure?  At Fine Law Offices, we understand how frightening it can be when you are faced with financial hardship and suddenly can no longer afford your mortgage.

If you are struggling to make ends meet and are faced with foreclosure, there are options available to you that may help.  Fine Law Offices provides mortgage foreclosure help for clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Our experienced staff has worked both with borrows and lenders.  We know how to talk to banks to get them to work with you and possibly stop the foreclosure.

Our dedicated staff will review your situation and determine the best solution for you.  In some cases, loan modification can get you back on track and out of danger of losing your home.  You can trust Fine Law Offices to do everything we can to keep you in your home.

Call 1-800-503-1125 for a free consultation.

Debt Settlement Fees

Our Law Office believes in helping clients first settle with their creditors, so our fees are taken only upon settlement of your debts.  We sit with each client and determine the quickest path to becoming debt free and we then aggressively negotiate on your behalf.

Our sole objective is to help you figure out an affordable monthly payment so that you can take care of your family.  At Fine Law Offices, we have helped thousands of people get a fresh start.

Why Debt Settlement and Not Bankruptcy?

Unless you are strapped with an enormous amount of debt, bankruptcy is usually not the best path.  Most creditors today are open to negotiation and debt settlement.  In addition to harassing calls from creditors, you need to be aware of the fact that you could be subjected to lawsuits and wage garnishments.

At the Fine Law Offices, we will defend and represent our clients should they be subjected to legal actions against them.  Call today at 1-800-503-1125 for a free consultation!

Legal help available in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  NY, NJ, CT Debt Settlement Lawyers.

Should I hire a debt settlement lawyer?

An experienced debt settlement lawyer can work out a better deal with a creditor than you could work out on your own.

Statistics suggest that when a debtor approaches a creditor to work out a settlement, the debtor still ends up paying about 75% of every dollar owed.  An experienced debt settlement attorney can usually get this number down below 50%.

Hiring a debt settlement attorney makes most sense when your debts are in excess of $8000 dollars.  There is a lot of work involved with getting a creditor to take less and to provide you the relief in writing.  Also, if you receive a court notice or judgement in the mail, a skilled attorney is needed to protect you and your monies from being garnished or frozen.

At the Fine Law Offices, we sit with every client individually and develop a realistic strategy to make you debt free over the shortest time possible.  Depending on your debt load and income, most clients become debt free within 24-48 months.

For a free consultation in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, call our law offices at 1-800-503-1125.


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