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Why is it harder now to get a Home Loan Modification?

In the past some banks would approve you just based on a phone interview or the submission

of a HAMP application. Not now, new home loan modification rules require homeowners to supply

financial documents upfront- including paystubs and tax returns.

The modification programs are designed to help homeowners who can no longer make their

mortgage payments .If homeowners meet a long list of eligibility requirements, it is likely they will

receive assistance. In recent months, the banks are really scrutinizing

the financial documents and making homeowners jump through hoops while still playing a lot of

the same games , such as “ we never got your paperwork”, “send us in new paystubs”, “.you are

under review for the past 6 months”. Now more than ever it is imperative that you have

a seasoned professional fight to save your home!

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