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Time is expiring on the governments Making Homes affordable; the time to re-apply is now!

To date, over 1 million people have received permanent modifications through Hamp. 1.6

million homeowner assistance programs are providing relief for struggling homeowners.

With time running out on the government programs (expires Dec.2014) and the fact that

the New York metropolitan area is stabilizing and home prices are rising, time is not on the

homeowner’s side. Homeowners, who are truly suffering and can

prove a hardship, need to push hard now to get the assistance they need to save their home. Even

if you have been turned down numerous times before, go to a professional who specializes in loan

modifications and foreclosure defense. The system is set up for homeowners to either give up and pay

what they owe or get foreclosed on. Don’t sit idly and accept the fact that your mortgage company

won’t help, remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

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