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Can I still get a mortgage Modification?

Yes!  Are you overwhelmed by your mortgage payments, thought about giving up?  If you’ve suffered a verifiable hardship , help is still available.


What is a Home Loan Modification?


Quite simply it is an adjustment made by your lender to help you save your home. You are not refinancing, just modifying the terms of your current mortgage.


What about a refinance?


A refinance is a great option but unrealistic for most homeowners. Today it is incredibly difficult to qualify based on depressed home values and stringent credit requirements by 99% of lenders.


How do I qualify for a Home Loan Modification?


If you have experienced a hardship and have missed payments and can afford a modified payment you are eligible to apply and qualify for

assistance. An experienced law firm can help you explore all your home loan work-out solutions.


Why would a bank help me with a Loan Modification?


A bank will only help you if it makes business sense for the bank, not because you are a nice person who deserves a break. It is imperative for you to present to the bank a total modification package that works within their requirements and guidelines. An experienced professional can assist you with that.


Loan Modification programs:


1)         White House/ Treasury programs,  Hamp etc

2)         Federal housing Finance Agency Programs (FHFA)

3)         Major lenders In House Programs  -these are modifications offered by your mortgage company, not through the government.

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